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Simplify your executor duties and prevent identity theft with Executor Assist

Posted on February 2, 2021

Being an executor to a loved one’s estate is a big responsibility. Not only can it be stressful and time consuming, but there can also be serious consequences, such as identity theft, if the necessary account notification and closure processes are not handled efficiently.

Identity theft after death

Nearly 2.5 million deceased Americans have had their identities stolen each year by criminals who open fraudulent accounts and new services. This includes credit cards, accessing financial assets, filing fake tax returns, obtaining driver’s licenses, stealing medical identities and more. Known as deceased identify theft or “Ghosting,” this growing problem can significantly impact estate plans and beneficiaries by complicating and delaying the estate settlement.

The executor role

Executors play a crucial role in protecting and managing the affairs of an estate once a loved one has died. As an executor, you may be in this role for the first time. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and confused about what to do, how to do it, or who to contact to protect your loved one’s estate.

“Ghosting” is a growing problem that leave many victimized. There are dozens of governmental agencies, credit bureaus, financial institutions, social media sites, and digital assets to consider when closing an estate. They all need to be informed of the death quickly so that identities and assets can be protected from fraud.

With threats like ‘ghosting’ on the rise, executors can take advantage of tools and services that help administer your loved one’s financial affairs.

What is Executor Assist

Executor Assist is a self-serve technology solution designed by ID theft experts to make your role easier and help protect the estate against fraud. This simple online tool minimizes one of the important steps an executor must take – closing the accounts of your loved one. With it, you can generate custom letters with appropriate addresses to swiftly initiate the account closure process. This streamlined, online solution can save executors weeks of time and effort.

How it works

Executor Assist helps executors complete their obligations – like closing accounts and notifying various organizations of your loved one’s death. In doing so, this solution helps protect estates by stopping “Ghosting” before it begins.

Some benefits include:

  • Assisting the executor to identify the appropriate accounts
  • Easing the account closure process
  • Reducing the risk of fraud for the deceased

Executor Assist:

  • Sends deceased notifications to organizations including:
    • Credit Bureaus
    • Credit Card Companies
    • Governmental Agencies
    • Social Media Sites
  • Stops unwanted mail offers that can be stolen from mailboxes
  • Provides a means to manage the deceased's U.S. Postal Mail

Reach out to learn more

The role of an executor is a high honor that can also be complex. But Executor Assist can help. Reach out to for more information today.

Author(s): My Coda's Editorial Team

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