Take the guesswork out of end-of-Life planning

Take the guesswork out of end-of-life planning

inGenius is simple software that guides you step-by-step through end-of-life planning. Create an estate plan for yourself and your partner, and maintain it for life.

Everyone has an estate, regardless of income, and your family deserves to know your final wishes for it. An estate plan is the most important document you could create. It contains final wishes for your loved ones and belongings, as well as health care directives and financials. Unfortunately, many of us pass away without having created one, causing challenges and potentially conflict for those left with difficult decisions.

Estate planning ensures that your wishes are fulfilled and protects your loved ones from the burden of sorting through the legal process associated with a death.

Who is inGenius for?

  • Anyone planning for end-of-life for:
  • Themselves
  • A loved one
  • Anyone looking to organize important documents


Guidance to end-of-life planning

Peace of mind that your final wishes are documented

Provide loved ones with your final wishes

Ensure critical health care wishes are honored

Protect dependents, even pets

Step-by-step guidance for your executor after death

Lifetime access - update your plans at any time

How it works

Easy-to-use software guides you step-by-step through end-of-life planning, so you don’t miss a thing.

Once you register for an inGenius account, you will first create a basic family protection plan that covers the most urgent things covered in a will. From there, you can create more detailed plans to suit your unique needs, if you choose.

Once complete, the final document must be printed and signed in front of witnesses and notary then stored in safe location. A scanned final version can be uploaded to the document vault for safe keeping and easy access.

inGenius Platform

Designed for every stage of life

End-of-life planning should be simple and affordable – and grow with you.

Your unique planning journey begins with a Basic Core Plan to cover the most critical high-level details covered in a will, like guardianship for children and designating an executor and power of attorney.

Depending on your life stage, you can progress to a Custom Plus Plan (for free). This comprehensive plan offers more details and control over assets/property. It includes powerful, automated tools to help you estimate your estate value and avoid lengthy probate at end-of-life.

Lastly, you can progress to a Revocable Living Trust Plan (for free). As you evolve on your planning journey, this plan covers details like nominating trustees and assigning assets to beneficiaries to help you avoid probate.

Once complete, the final document must be printed and signed in front of witnesses and notary then stored in safe location. A scanned final version can be uploaded to the document vault. At any time, you can opt to have an attorney review the estate plan before signature. You can virtually share the final digital version electronically with all important contacts.

Life doesn’t stand still – neither should your plan. You get lifetime access that evolves with you. Login to review and update your final wishes and reshare at any time (plans should be refreshed annually).


Compliant documents

inGenius uses encryption for the protection of your financial and personal data

Comprehensive documentation and digital storage

Pet care tools

Lifetime access to update at every stage

Leave audio and video for loved ones

Adapts to your region’s specific legal requirements

See in real-time how much wealth each heir will inherit

Access how-to videos and articles to help you complete your estate plan

Manage and protect important information

Top Questions

What if I only want one plan?

Although there are three plan levels included in your inGenius subscription, it is not necessary to complete all of them at once. Ideally, the plan will evolve with you over the years as your estate becomes more complex. The Basic Core Plan is the only plan we recommend must be completed.

How can I be sure my plan is compliant?

The inGenius platform was designed according to attorney specifications to be ensured as legally valid. As long as the documents are signed in front of witness(es) and a notary (varies by state specific laws), they are deemed legally compliant. In the event you would prefer additional review by an attorney before signature, this service is offered by the platform provider for an extra fee.

How will I share my plan with loved ones?

Once your documents are finalized and uploaded to the inGenius platform, you can easily share them digitally with any important contacts.

Does it cost extra to upgrade to the next plan level?

No, it does not cost extra to upgrade from a Basic Core Plan to a Custom Plus or Revocable Living Trust Plan. Ideally, the plan will evolve with you over the years as your estate becomes more complex.

How do I maintain my plan on an ongoing basis?

Your plan can be renewed after the first year for $3 a month, so you can update your wishes at any time as life evolves.

How is the software installed?

Software is not installed on your computer or smart phone, it is a web-based tool that simply requires registration and log in credentials.

How can I trust this is secure?

inGenius uses various security measures for information that is sent or input into their systems as well as data that is sent from their systems to other 3rd party systems utilizing HTTPS only connections encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security) with AES-256, and RSA-2048 encryption standards. They maintain physical, technological and administrative safeguards to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized or accidental use, access, or loss. They limit access to personal information about you to those who have a business need for such access. Individuals who process personal information on their Business Partner’s behalf generally may do so only in an authorized manner and are required to keep your information confidential. They have policies in place that regulate how their employees and contractors handle information about you. They limit access to their networks and take steps to safeguard against unauthorized access. They have procedures in place to manage any suspected data security incident and will notify you consistent with applicable legal requirements.

How will I remember to update my plan?

inGenius will send you reminders to complete your Basic Core Plan. In addition, you should set reminders to review your plan annually around tax season, as you’re reviewing your financial situation anyway. Your plan should also be updated for any major life event changes, such as marriage, birth, any major financial changes, or following a meeting with your financial advisor.

$199.00 USD

For first year then $3.00 / month to maintain subscription
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